Bandak Lul is a former refugee from South Sudan who spent 14 years of his life living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. In 2006, he was granted refugee status by the United States and resettled in Phoenix, AZ. Lul is a graduate of Arizona State University (ASU) with a Master’s Degree in Social Justice & Human Rights. He likewise holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees one in Political Science and the other in Sociology. He is currently a research project manager for ASU’s Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR).
Lul is also a recognized advocate for displaced persons and a human rights activist. He volunteers with national organizations including Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), Catholic Charities, Darfur and Beyond, Voices for Sudan and Refugee Dream Center. He represented the state of Arizona at the 2014/2017 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy hosted by LIRS and serves in leadership roles for South Sudanese youth in Arizona. He has appeared as a speaker at Uncharted- The Berkeley Festival of Ideas, Amnesty International USA Regional Conference, ASU Refugee and Migrant Panel Discussion, as well as during a high school speaking tour in the Phoenix metropolitan area.