Hari Koirala is a former refugee from Bhutan who came to USA back in 2008. He was brought to a refugee camp in Nepal when he was five years old and was there for 17 years before coming to Utah. He now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a proud citizen of United States of America. He has completed a Bachelor in Science from Tribhuwan University, one of the esteemed public universities of Nepal. He is now a certified public manager, accredited by state of Utah. After being refugee he has been advocating for the issues faced by refugee children, youths and elders since 1998 as a children forum coordinator. When he first came Utah, he served on the Board of Directors for his community organization to continue his efforts to help refugees and immigrants relentlessly. He has been able to advocate and lobby for refugees and immigrant matters in city, state and federal levels. Currently, he works with the state of Utah, Department of Workforce Services as an employment counselor assisting refugee clients in becoming self-sufficient. His passion is advocacy.