Nyamuoch Girwath was born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia after her family was forced to flee their home in South Sudan on foot due to civil war. Her family was resettled to the United States by LIRS when she was just four years old and she grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. It was difficult for her to balance helping her family with the resettlement process while wanting to grow up as a “normal American kid.” Often she would accompany them to appointments and even taught them to read and write.

She was scouted by an agent at Wilhelmina Models while working for Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska through AmeriCorps, but didn’t decide to pursue a modeling career until her sophomore year in college. Four years ago she moved to New York City, where she is currently both a student, and a successful professional runway and print model. She uses this platform to talk about issues surrounding South Sudan and refugees in America.

She attended LIRS’s Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy to learn more advocacy in her community. After the Academy, Nyamuoch plans to use what she has learned to better help communities “bridge the gaps” that refugees face with resettlement and integration. She dreams about someday building a youth center to mentor young refugee teens in Omaha- coming full circle to give back to the community where her family began their resettlement journey so many years ago.