Som Baral is currently living in Aurora, Colorado. He was originally from Bhutan, but was forced to leave with his family in 1991. They received asylum as refugees in Nepal. They spent almost two decades in the refugee camp in Eastern part of Nepal. In 2007, he got the opportunity to apply for third country resettlement. He was selected to come to United States. It took about a year to process his application. He came to the United States as a refugee in 2008. He was among the first Bhutanese in the State of Colorado. The Bhutanese community was very new in the State. He was advocating and helping the community at various level. He started actively helping community members by organizing meetings and gatherings to assess their needs and assist them. They were able to register a community organization in 2010. Currently he am leading as a Chairman for the Bhutanese community of Colorado which is a 501C status not for profit community organization.

In his professional work he is currently working at Lutheran Family Services of Colorado, one of the leading resettlement agency in the nation. He started as a case worker and now he oversees the health and family stabilization service as a supervisor. With his seven years of experience in the field of refugee resettlement and myself being a refugee, he has learned a lot about refugees, immigrants and their civil rights. Refugee social service including reception and placement, health screening, employment and TANF and more.
He have been actively involved in refugee resettlement works and have maintained good coordination with the state refugee coordinator, local counties, public health departments, state refugee clinic, other local affiliates who are working with refugee and immigrants.

He is also continuing his volunteer work to help Bhutanese community assisting them to stabilize and integrate well with the mainstream community. He participates in most of the events, meetings and social gatherings to meet with different city officials, social workers, health care providers, educators and community leaders to facilitate and represent the community and their need.