Som Nath Subedi was born in 1981 in Bhutan. After living in a refugee camp in Nepal for almost 20 years, Som resettled to the United States in 2008 with ten dollars and a plastic bag. Since coming to the States, he has been involved as a volunteer community activist for refugees and migrants at both the local and national level. Som now works as the Coordinator of Parks for New Portlanders. In Portland, Oregon Som works closely with the international communities, in matters of policy, resettlement and integration, and creating a welcoming community for refugees and migrants. Som is passionate about bridging cultural gaps between new groups and the existing communities. As seen in the way he interacts with both community members and the media, Som is a strong advocate for presenting a positive narrative of refugees and migrants. With his personal experience as a refugee, Som is motivated by his desire to continue the legacy of giving back to the community.