Tika Ram Dhungana is a former refugee from Bhutan. He was resettled to Harrisburg, PA in 2010 and became a United States citizen in 2015. In 2014 he published the book Satisfaction and Service, a Grand Source of Success. He is the founding president of the Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg and is currently the executive director. Tika has worked as Regional Manager for Intra-National Home Care, LLC since August of 2015. Prior to that, he worked as a care giver and certified medical interpreter. When he resided in Nepal, Tika was a high school principal for about five years. He received his Master’s degree in Chemistry from Tribhuwan University in Nepal. Tika was also a participant in the LIRS Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy of 2015 and has represented LIRS on a few occasions.