Zainab is a former refugee from Iraq and a single mother of two young children ages nine and eleven. Her family left Baghdad on September 22, 2013. Her husband opted to return to Iraq and left Houston after two weeks of their arrival. She decided to remain in the USA with her two children to ensure their safety and to give them a better future.
In Iraq, she worked with several international organizations like the International Rescue Committee and International Relief and Development implementing educational programs funded by UNHCR, UNICEF, and USAID. Over a period of three (3) years, she fulfilled the roles of Education Manager, Monitoring/Evaluation Officer and Curriculum Consultant.
Currently, she works with the Refugee Service of Texas as a SAS (Social Adjustment Services) case manager. She shares her story of challenge yet ultimate success with newcomers as a source of encouragement to them. She also educates refugees about the Texas school system and how they can help their children learn and thrive.