When do I need a speaker?

Having a speaker at your events can help bring much needed personal connection and expertise to issues you are promoting. Whether you are organizing an adult educational forum in your church, celebrating Refugee Sunday, or educating your congregation around the issues of migration, having a speaker with expert knowledge or who can speak to the issue from personal experience can help crystallize the issue and touch hearts and minds of your congregants. We encourage you to start thinking about whether your event will benefit from having a speaker the moment you start planning for the event. As much as possible, please request speakers at least six weeks ahead of time to give the speakers time to include this in their schedules.

What if there are no speakers in my area?

If there are no speakers in your area please request Folabi Olagbaju. He is the current Director for Outreach at LIRS. We will look into our network and see if there is any other speakers in your area or possibility send an LIRS staff person.

Where do the speakers come from?

LIRS Speakers Bureau consists of individuals with great familiarity and strong connection with LIRS mission who can inspire audiences to walk with migrants and refugees as they seek a new beginning in the US. The Speakers Bureau is a network of people from around the country –former refugees, migrants, Lutheran Pastors, LIRS champions-who are committed to attending events and speaking on behalf of LIRS. The speakers come from all over the world and represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The profiles the speakers contain biographical information and the many gifts they bring to their commitment.

Will I get the speaker I requested?

You are not guaranteed a speaker by simply making the request, but we do our best to meet your requests. We try to match requests for speakers based on proximity, but the speaker may already have a prior commitment. We also ask that you be flexible in your requests by having multiple dates you are willing to host events that you need speakers for and to submit your request as soon as possible for the best results.

Do I have to pay to request a speaker?

Having a reasonable honorarium to host a speaker always helps but it is not a requirement.

How can I become a speaker for the Speakers Bureau?

LIRS is always looking to augment our list of speakers. We seek individuals with great familiarity and strong commitment to LIRS mission of welcoming migrants and refugees. Speakers should also demonstrate passion that can inspire audiences to walk with migrants and refugees as they seek a new beginning in the US. If you want to join the Speakers Bureau for LIRS then please send an email to outreach@lirs.org. Then we will get back to you with more information.